10 Tips To Start Jet Ski Business

Planning to start a jet ski business but don’t know what are the things you should consider or do? If yes, then read on; this article is just for you. Starting a business can be very daunting even if you are completely sure that it will thrive and prosper. And the jet ski business is something that has started to flourish recently. Now that the world is paying more attention to jet skiing and has recognized it as a water sport with a lot of potentials, more people are becoming interested in riding a jet ski. Therefore, the jet ski business is a very lucrative business.

Jet Ski Business

But the success of the jet ski business, like any other business, is largely dependent on the entrepreneur’s plan and knowledge. Moreover, starting a jet ski business is very expensive and you need to have funds for that. But if you have given a thought about it and are pretty sure that you want to move forward with it then go ahead. But read the tips given below before taking any further steps so you don’t miss out on any important steps that you need to take or anything that you need to consider. 

Tips to Start a Jet Ski Business

  1. Understand the Industry

The jet ski business is truly a lucrative business. But like any other business, you need to know the industry to be able to lead your business to success. Hence, conduct an in-depth study of the industry. Look at what challenges you will have to face and how you will deal with those challenges.

  1. Consider the Location

This is one of the most important things to consider when starting a jet ski business. First of all, your business should be located in a place with a water body. Secondly, not all water bodies are suited for the jet ski business. Some locations attract customers and some don’t. Moreover, you should also check the local government’s rules and laws before selecting a location to be the chosen place for your business.

A parked jet ski on San Diego shore
  1. Check Out Your Competition

You need to consider your competition before starting your business. Check out what they do to make the customers return to them, their strengths and weaknesses, etc. This will help you come up with a plan that will help your business gain an edge over theirs even though they have been in this business for more time than you. 

  1. Business Plan

After deciding where your business will be based and analyzing your competitor’s service, you have to come up with a business plan that will set your jet ski business on the right track. Your business plan needs to have an executive summary, company and financing summary, strategic analysis including current research, personnel plan, products and services overview, financial plan, marketing plan, sample private placement memorandum, PowerPoint presentation for banks and investors, etc. Yeah. seems like a lot of work, ain’t it?

  1. Get a License and Permits

You need to get a license to start a business. Check what the requirements are for getting a license. The requirements and rules for that are different in every state. To get a license, you will need to register your business first. 

  1. Insurance

Jet skiing is pretty risky and accidents are bound to happen at any time. So you need to be prepared and get a good insurance plan that covers all of your equipment and employees. You should consider getting the following insurance policies for your jet ski business:

  • Worker’s compensation 
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Collision damage waiver
  •  Personal effects coverage

Talk to a lot of insurance providers and other jet ski business owners to find the right insurance policy for you.

  1. Cost Analysis

The jet ski business has three major factors that will cost you money. They are storage, fuel, and maintenance. 

You need to store your jet skis when they are not in use. And space near coastal areas is expensive so you must consider its cost. Jet skis require fuel. Many rental companies include fuel charges in their rental charges but fuel charges often fluctuate. 

Your jet skis will also require maintenance. This maintenance will depend on the kind of jet ski you have. It is better to buy new jet skis from trusted brands like Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Sea Doo.

  1. Procure Equipment

You won’t be able to run your jet ski business without a fleet of jet skis and the necessary equipment. Jet skis are expensive but it is recommended that you buy new jet skis instead of second-hand ones as the old ones will cost more in terms of maintenance. You also need to buy safety equipment like life jackets and other accessories needed for jet skis.

A fleet of jet ski
  1. Choose a Catchy Name

Be creative when choosing your business name. Your business name should be creative and should catch the attention of the customers. Your business name should also convey what your business is about to the customers.

  1. Promote Your Jet Ski Business

Promoting your business is very important. It would make people aware of your business’s existence. You can connect with hotels and resorts to display your advertisement. You can also use travel guides to advertise your jet ski business.


How much does a jet ski cost?

A new jet ski’s cost ranges between $5,000 to $20,000. The cost depends on the brand, model and features, etc of the jet ski.

Can used jet skis be used for business?

Yes, you can use second-hand jet skis but they require more maintenance than new ones so it is much better to buy new jet skis for your business. This would save a lot of your time as well as money.

Is the jet ski business profitable?

Yes, it is a profitable business. Your earnings might be really high especially on weekends when people visit beaches to chill and escape the stress of their mundane life. It is better if you have seven or more jet skis. 

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