7 Best Jet Ski Freestyle Videos

Freestyle on a jet ski was, till recent times, a sport that was mostly neglected and ignored. But times have changed, and the world has started noticing what an awesome sport jet skiing is, and jet ski freestyle is getting all the admiration and attention that it deserves. 

Jet Ski Freestyle Video

This has propelled a lot of people to take the sport seriously. If you are a jet-ski enthusiast, then you probably have a penchant for freestyle jet skiing. And how can you be interested in something as cool as freestyle jet skiing, right? If you love freestyle jet-skiing, then you have come to the right place, for we have compiled a list of must-watch jet ski freestyle videos that will prompt you to get out and practice your tricks. 

Best Jet Ski Freestyle Videos

A person enjoying jet ski freestyling

Jet Ski Freestyle World Finals of 2012

This 7 minutes and 28 seconds long video posted by a YouTube channel named ‘budproduction’ is a compilation of shots of the best jet ski riders in the world performing their freestyle tricks on the water for the jet ski freestyle world finals, 2012. With a catchy song as the background score and cool shots of the jet ski riders’ performances, this video really does make one want to grab one’s jet ski and dash off on the water. The freestyle tricks in this video are mainly performed on flat water. The video has garnered three million views and is one of the best jet ski freestyle videos out there. The compilation of these shots was put together by Bud Mastrangelo of BudProductions.com.  

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 Freestyle Jet Ski Tricks on a River 

The jet ski freestyle video was uploaded on YouTube by GoPro. It has over 1 million views and 9.1 k likes. The video takes you on a fascinating journey with Eli Kemnitz, the IJSBA 2014 Freestyle World Final winner. It throws light on his life, what motivated him to take up jet skiing seriously, etc. The video, which was shot on a HERO4® camera from GoPro, presents some amazing shots of Kremitz’s freestyling on his jet ski. The whole video is just captivating, and the freestyle shots coupled with the amazing scenery and his life story just make you want to throw everything away and lead a life that revolves around jet skis. A wonderful thing about this video is that it does not just romanticize the sport of jet skiing. Kremitz also talks about the struggles that he faced. This video should be on every jet ski enthusiast’s watchlist.

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Freestyle Jet Ski by Willems

This jet ski freestyle video was uploaded by De Jogclub Podcast and had over 2 million views and 1.2 k likes. Freestyle jet ski champion Niels Willems presents the X-one hull made by Compositech by showing off some freestyle tricks on it. The video begins with Willems walking up to his jet ski, fueling it, and gearing himself up for the adventure that awaits him on the water. Then he explains what the hull is capable of and then proceeds to show sick moves on his jet ski. Watching him twist, turn and spin on air with his jet ski is a treat to one’s eyes. It just catches your attention and holds it till the end of the video, even if you are not a jet-ski enthusiast. This video is 2 minutes and 45 seconds long.

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Jet Ski Freestyle feat. the Tomahawk Flip

Uploaded by a YouTube channel named ‘Twistedd Point of View’, this jet ski freestyle video shows a series of crazy jet ski freestyle tricks by Eli Kemnitz, the IJSBA 2014 Freestyle World Final winner. It mainly features the Tomahawk Flip or the backflip on a jet ski which Kemnitz performs effortlessly.  

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Freestyle Jet Ski with Willems and Mark Gomez

This video was uploaded by the YouTube channel ‘De Jogclub Podcast’ and garnered over 91k views. Niels Willems asks Mark Gomez to coach him to get back into the game after a break of two years. The coach wants to teach him a trick known as the superflip, which is very technical and challenging. It is very motivating to see a champion struggling to learn a freestyle jet ski trick, crash multiple times and pick himself up and try again until he masters it. It will surely motivate you not to give up on learning freestyle jet ski tricks. 

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Old school tricks & fun Part 1

Uploaded by Superflip Enduro, this jet ski freestyle video is truly a gem as it shows the tricks used in the past. The jet ski rider showcases some very amazing jet ski tricks on a Yamaha Superjet. It is the first video of a four-part series. If you are someone who is really interested in freestyle tricks, you must watch this video to get a glimpse of some really fun and thrilling old-school tricks.

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Tutorial on backflip on a Jet Ski

Only watching others performing freestyle tricks on a jet ski is not enough to help you in your performance. You also need some guidance which is why this jet ski freestyle video should definitely be on your watchlist. This video uploaded by Renardt E is a tutorial on how to do a backflip on a jet ski. 

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Do all these videos provide instructions on how to do certain tricks?

No, the last video is a tutorial on how to do a backflip, so it contains instructions on how to do a backflip on a jet ski. The fifth video shows how Mark Gomez teaches Willems to do the superflip, but it cannot be considered a tutorial for novices.

Is the Yamaha Superjet suitable for freestyle?

Yes, Yamaha’s Superjet is a freestyler stand-up watercraft. So it is perfect for freestyle. 


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