How to Improve Jet Ski Riding Skills?

Riding a jet ski is one of the most exhilarating things you can do. Your heart beating fast, the adrenaline rushing through your body, the ocean water spraying on your body, the sound of water rushing by, the wind caressing your face, the sun smiling on you; Oh, that is quite an experience, isn’t it? 

Being skilled in jet skiing requires a lot of patience, time, and effort. Once you have mastered the art of jet skiing, you will feel like you have conquered the waters while riding the jet ski. If you are here, then you are probably a jet ski rider and want to improve your jet ski riding skills and ride it like a pro. Well, we have compiled a list of videos that you must watch if you want to hone your jet ski riding skills. Let us not waste any more of your precious time and get going, shall we?

Must Watch Videos to be a Pro Jet Ski Rider

1. How to Ride a Stand Up Jet Ski for Beginners

If you are a beginner, then you might be dying to ride a jet ski using the standing-up technique. Understandable! Well, worry no more cause a youtube handle named Ryan Wiarzba has uploaded a video titled “How to Ride a Stand Up Jet Ski for Beginners” that caters to your needs. The video starts off with some cool shots of the trainer riding a jet ski and showing off his jet ski riding skills. It provides basic information regarding where to keep your hands and legs. The video is easy to follow and uses bright colours to grab your attention. It also provides step-by-step instruction, which is very important for novices.  The video informs when to raise your leg and which leg to raise. 

Improve Jet Ski Riding Skills

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2. The PWC Show- Advanced Riding Tips

This video is a must-watch if you are a beginner. A person named Kev takes you on a short learning journey to master advanced riding techniques such as stand-up technique and leaning into turns. The video focuses mainly on the standing-up technique and the leaning into turns technique. Kev begins the instructions with advice on where to look while riding a jet ski. This is a basic instruction that every jet ski rider needs to know. It is not unusual to get lost in the scenic surroundings, but where you look matters if you don’t want to end up causing a jet ski accident. Kev also talks about the head position that should be maintained while riding a jet ski. The video provides information on how to ride the jet ski standing up for a longer time and how to reduce the fatigue caused by riding a jet ski while standing. Kev also presents how to practice leaning into turns. The video also includes shots of how to practice standing technique and leaning into turns. 

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3. How to 180 a Jet Ski

This tutorial video was uploaded by a channel named ‘The Lanes- Travel & Reviews,’ a youtube channel that provides helpful instructions on how to perform jet ski tricks.  The video begins with the trainer providing talking about his work and water conditions, etc. It goes on to show shots of him and others riding in various water conditions. After the introductory shots, the trainer starts giving step-by-step instructions on how to complete 180 a jet ski. While providing step-by-step instructions, the video also explains every step briefly so you can understand everything well. It also includes a lot of shots of people doing a 180 so you can observe and learn. The video is minutes and 26 seconds long.

A jet ski dashing over water

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4. Ride Like a Pro With Dustin Farthing: Improve Your Turns

The video was uploaded by Yamaha Boats and Waverunners. In this video, 16-time World and National IJSBA champion Dustin Farthing shows how to improve your turns and ride a jet ski like a pro. It is only 44 seconds long but is packed with information. The video is the third video of a series with Dustin Farthing called “Ride Like a Pro.” He explains how your body positions can influence your turns and how you can use your body to improve your turns and turn the jet ski like a pro jet ski rider. He demonstrates this by showing how his body positions influence his turns. If you are trying to be a pro jet ski rider, then this video must be on the watchlist. 

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5. Riding in Waves and Chops

This video uploaded by the PWCTVSHOW is three minutes and 53 seconds long. As the title suggests, it is about riding a jet ski in waves and choppy waters. If you are nervous about riding a jet ski in waves and choppy waters, then this video is for you. The video explains what choppy water is, why it is difficult to ride on it, and tips for riding it. 

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Riding with Passengers

This video uploaded by the PWCTVSHOW is 2 minutes and 50 seconds long. It provides instructions on how to ride a jet ski with passengers onboard. It begins with instructions on where to place passengers on the basis of their age. To ride like a pro jet ski rider while having passengers with you, you should definitely watch this video.

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7. Anchoring

This 2 minutes 32-second-long video uploaded by the PWCTVSHOW is on anchoring like a pro. Yes, you heard it right. To be a pro jet ski rider, you also need to know how to anchor your jet ski. The video shows how to use different kinds of anchors and how it works.

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Is watching these tutorials helpful?

Yes, these videos are mostly made by experienced and professional jet-ski riders, so they are useful in improving your jet ski riding skills.

Do these videos show how to do a certain move or technique?

Yes, they provide shots of people doing tricks along with a step to step instruction on how to do it so you can observe and learn.

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