What Is The Most Reliable Jet Ski Engine 2022?

If you are in San Diego, then it is not unusual if you are planning to buy a jet ski. If you are looking for a jet ski to buy, then you would’ve noticed that there are a lot of options to choose from. While having options is good, it can also be very confusing. 

The Most Reliable Jet Ski in San Diego

Usually, one would choose a jet ski whose price range fits one’s budget. But apart from the jet ski’s price, you should also look at its speed, features, size, and reliability. Reliability should be a key factor when choosing a jet ski as that would ensure that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and money at the service shop. I have done the hard work and selected the most reliable jet ski engine for 2022, so you don’t have to. But before we look into what the most reliable jet ski in San Diego for 2022 is, let us look at what makes a jet ski reliable.

Things that Make a Jet Ski Reliable

1. Brand

Three brands, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Sea-Doo, reign over the jet ski market. Popular brands produce more reliable jet skis. They are high-performance and have a brand name to vouch for their reliability.

2. Model Type

There are different models of jet skis. Not every model is reliable. High-performance models are found to be less reliable and high maintenance than low-performance models. Therefore, if you are someone who values reliability, then go for the low-performance models. That means you will have to go for a base model or a luxury model instead of a racing jet ski. 

3. Accessories and Features

Features and accessories add to the reliability of a jet ski and make your time on the water more fun and enjoyable. But sometimes, these features can also be the cause of something bad. Go for a jet ski with safety features and buy additional quality accessories. 

The Most Reliable Jet Ski in San Diego for 2022

Let me get straight to the point and tell you which jet ski in San Diego is the most reliable for 2022. Yamaha WaveRunner FX is the most reliable jet ski that you can find in San Diego.

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Before we go further, let me explain the difference between a jet ski and a WaveRunner. Jet Ski is a model created by Kawasaki and WaveRunner is a model created by Yamaha. But both these terms are usually used interchangeably though they are both different models made by different brands.

Now that we know what the difference between a jet ski and a WaveRunner is, let us check what makes Yamaha’s WaveRunner FX the most reliable.

The WaveRunner FX belongs to the luxury series of Yamaha, which means that they are really expensive. But it is worth every penny that you spend on it. Yamaha has four models of WaveRunner FX: FX HO, FX HVHO, FX Cruiser HO, and the FX Cruiser HVHO. All of these models of WaveRunner are known to be reliable and high-performance watercraft as well.

Let us now look at the features that make WaveRunner FX so reliable.

1. Engine

The HVHO series of the WaveRunner consists of a supercharged engine and the FX HO Cruiser, and FX HO contains a four-cylinder and four-stroke engine. The high-performance engines are mostly high maintenance. But the WaveRunner FX series is a perfect balance of performance and speed. 

2. Rider Capacity

Each of the models in the FX series is able to accommodate around three people. But what needs to be noted is that the WaveRunners are designed in a way that allows you to maneuver them while sitting. In other words, it is a sit-down model, unlike Kawasaki’s jet skis that allow you to ride it while standing.

3. Fuel 

The supercharged engine of HVHO requires unleaded fuel, whereas the HO series requires the leaded fuel. As HVHO has a higher-performing engine, it will use quite a considerable amount of fuel. 

4. Fuel Capacity

All of the WaveRunners in the FX series can hold around 18.5 gallons of fuel. If you have passengers with you, then it will use up more fuel. The more people you have with you, the more fuel the WaveRunner will burn. But 18.5 gallons of fuel is not a small number, so it will take quite a while before you reach the refuelling period, even if you have a company with you.

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5. Other Features

The accessories and the watercraft’s general features also are important while accessing the reliability of a jet ski.  The WaveRunner FX series has a premium option of self-draining footwells. This ensures that your feet stay in a dry area as it drains the water from around your feet. They also have an automatic bilge. It is not uncommon for the water to come on board while you are having fun splashing around in the water. The automatic bilge prevents sinking and makes sure you have fun without worrying about sinking. They are also equipped with a touchscreen that security and drive control as well. 

A Man Riding a Jet Ski

Why is Yamaha WaveRunner FX so expensive?

The WaveRunner FX is a part of Yamaha’s luxury series. And it is the most reliable jet ski not only in San Diego but in the entire jet ski market. With reliability, the price also increases. Moreover, being reliable means you will have to spend less time and money on maintenance, so whatever money you spend on buying the WaveRunner will not go waste. 

Does being reliable mean that the WaveRunner FX’s engine would never break down?

No, just like any other machine, WaveRunner FX can also break down at some point. But you wouldn’t have to take it to the service shop multiple times in a short period as it is very reliable and is not high maintenance.

Are jet skis with supercharged engines high maintenance?

Yes, they are high-performance jet skis, and high-performance jet skis tend to require more service. So they are high maintenance.

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