10 Must-Have Fishing Equipment for Jet Ski

When one thinks of jet ski riding, the image of cool people racing on their craft, spraying water around usually comes to mind. What many don’t know is that many people go fishing on their jet skis. Jet ski fishing is a wonderful experience, and if you are looking forward to having that experience, you need to have some accessories to help you fish as well as make it easy and memorable. 

Jet Ski Fishing

You would not want to go fishing and realize that you don’t have the necessary equipment, right? So I have curated a list of ten fishing equipment for jet skis that you must have before heading off to show off your fishing skills. 

10 Must-Have Jet Ski Fishing Accessories

1. Fishing Rack

Fishing requires fishing rods, right? You would need something to keep your rods. Here is where the fishing rack comes in handy. It is like a fishing rod holder but has more uses than a fishing rod holder. It can hold not one but multiple fishing rods and a cooler too. It is commonly installed on the deck of the jet ski. You should never even think of going jet ski fishing without a fishing rack.  It is absolutely necessary to buy a fishing rack as where else would you keep your fishing rods.

2. Cooler

When fishing, you would need to store your bait somewhere and more importantly, the fish you have caught has to be stored somewhere cold to keep it fresh.  A cooler can also be used to store food and drinks to keep you refreshed and to fill your belly when you are hungry during the long hours of fishing. So you should add a cooler to your collection of jet ski fishing equipment. Make sure that you buy a cooler with the right dimensions.

3. Fish Finder

Gone are the days when finding where the fishes depended on traditional means or instincts. Now you don’t have to wait around for fish to come or wait in vain at a place where there are no fish. It’s the twenty-first century! Now, you can use a fish finder to find fish. It gives a visual map of the area in the water below you by using sonar technology. It is easy to use, and it saves so much time now that you don’t have to wait for a fish to latch on to your bait in vain. Moreover, it is very helpful for beginners.

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4. Canopy

It can get really sunny out there when you are out fishing. A fishing canopy will provide you with shade and make your jet ski fishing more comfortable. It is not absolutely necessary to buy one, but it is better to have one as it keeps the sun off you and makes your afternoon fishing sessions much more comfortable and enjoyable. You won’t regret adding this to your jet ski fishing equipment.

5. Rod Holder

 If you want something smaller to hold your fishing rods and don’t want to carry a cooler with you on your fishing expedition, then get a rod holder. This is similar to the fishing rack, but it is much smaller and doesn’t have storage space like the fishing rack. It is used to store fishing rods. A rod holder can usually hold up to three fishing rods. But a major disadvantage of getting a rod holder is that the fibreglass of your jet ski will have to be drilled to mount the rod holder, and doing so will decrease the value of your jet ski in case you want to sell it later.

6. Jet Ski Fishing Tower

A jet ski fishing tower consists of metal arches containing many rod holders and space for a cooler, windscreens, canopy, storage units, etc. You can even have a radar or an antenna. It is very large and contains a lot of storage space. Now, this is a piece of equipment meant for those who love fishing regularly. If you want, you can also get a custom-made fishing tower based on your needs and requirements. A point to note is that fishing towers are permanent setups, and they also increase the weight of your jet ski.

7. Fuel Cans

People usually go great distances for jet ski fishing. This means that there is a chance of you running out of fuel for the jet ski. It is always better to be prepared for the worst so grab a couple of extra fuel cans when you go for your jet fishing mission.  It is important to make sure that the weight of your jet ski does not increase exponentially while taking the fishing gear. Make sure that the weight is balanced.

8. PWC Rescue Board

If you are someone who loves fishing and has caught a few big fish in the past, then a PWC rescue board will prove to be very helpful. Yes, it can be used in fishing too. If you catch a big fish you can carry, you might not be able to store it in a cooler or on the rack due to its size. Rescue boards are quite handy in such cases. You can place the big fish on it and carry it back home. As rescue boards are lightweight, you will have no trouble handling them.

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9. GPS

Always carry a GPS device when going for jet ski fishing to avoid getting lost on the water. You might be thinking, what is the need for a GPS when you have a mobile phone, right? Well, people usually go travel quite far for jet ski fishing, and sometimes your mobile might not get any signal, or it might run out of battery. If you don’t have a GPS with you in this scenario, then there is a high chance of you getting lost. To avoid such incidents, it is always better to carry a GPS device with you when you go jet ski fishing.

10. Jet Ski Anchor

You will have to anchor your jet ski when you reach the perfect spot with lots of fish. There are different kinds of anchors that are suitable for particular water conditions. For example, a Fluke anchor is most suitable to be used in open and deep waters and also where there are strong currents. Folding anchors are small and can be used on any kind of sea bottom. Sandbag anchors are suitable for calm waters. Choose your anchor based on your jet ski’s weight and storage.


Should I buy a fishing rack or a rod holder?

That depends on your preferences and needs. If you want more storage space that also accommodates a cooler, then go for a fishing rack. If you don’t wish to carry only fishing rods, then you should buy a  rod holder.

Is a PWC rescue board necessary if I am expecting to catch big fish?

It is not necessary to have a rescue board with you, but it surely does make it easier for you to take your big catch to the shore as you won’t be able to store it in the cooler or the rack.

What should we check before heading out for jet ski fishing?

You must always check the weather and don’t forget to wear your life jacket. Also, double-check if you have taken all the necessary equipment for your expedition.

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