12 Safety Rules to Follow When Riding a Jet Ski

Riding a jet ski is truly an awesome experience. The adrenaline rush, warm sun rays kissing your skin as you dash through the waters with the wind caressing your hair! Intoxicating indeed! 

While riding a jet ski is undeniably thrilling, it is also dangerous. But don’t be scared. Every adventurous activity involves some kind of danger. Therefore, it is necessary to follow certain safety rules if you want to ride a craft. We have curated a list of safety rules for you, so you don’t have to go around searching for them or have the misfortune of learning them from experience. So let’s go!

Jet Ski

Safety Rules For Riding a Jet Ski

1. Wear a Life Jacket

Always wear a life jacket when you hit the waters on the craft. Serious harm to one’s life can be avoided by wearing a life jacket. If you ever fall off a jet ski, a life jacket will keep you afloat, thus, preventing you from drowning. Ensure that it is a coast guard approved jacket. You are also required by the law to wear a life jacket, so it is illegal to ride a jet ski without wearing a life jacket. 

2. Wear Eye Protection

Water is constantly spraying on your face while riding a jet ski. And then there is the wind and sun too. Jet ski goggles or sunglasses will prevent debris, sun, and bugs from harming your pupils. Therefore, don’t forget to wear jet ski goggles or sunglasses.

3. Wear sunscreen

Sunburn is absolutely the worst thing to get while enjoying doing something outdoors. Don’t you agree? If you don’t want your fun ride to be ruined by sunburn, apply sunscreen to your exposed skin. Moreover, the UV rays of the sun are harmful and dangerous and cause skin cancer. 


4. Safety Lanyard

If you by any chance, fall off the jet ski, it would just race away and crash. Safety lanyards exist to ensure that such things don’t happen. Attach the key to a safety lanyard that is attached to your wrist or your jacket. This will cause the key to fall off the ignition in case you fall. Now you can ride your jet ski without worrying about what will happen to the jet ski in case you fall off. 

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5. Age Group Rule

In most places, only the ones who are 16 years old or above are allowed to maneuver a jet ski. Laws are present for a reason and we should follow them. And riding a jet ski is pretty dangerous; hence such laws that exist for our safety should be followed. While you can take your kids with you for a jet ski ride, they should be of a certain age to be able to accompany you on your jet ski. And this age group rule differs from state to state.

6. Ride it Only During the Day

Well, this needs no explanation but here we go. It is better to ride a jet ski during the day as it is easy to see when sunlight is present. It is very difficult to see after dark and this makes it difficult to steer clear of any obstacles or dangers. Riding a jet ski during the night has many dangers, and it is best to avoid it for your safety. 

7. Be Sober

Yes, yes. We know you’re here on vacation or just to enjoy to forget the stress at work and you want to enjoy a little bit. But drinking before riding a watercraft is dangerous just as drunken driving of any vehicle on land is. So steer clear of alcohol or any substances that can impact your judgment before riding a jet ski. Riding a jet ski while being drunk 

Keep Your Distance from Other Vessels

There might be other vessels on the water or there might even be people just splashing around. Therefore, make sure you keep a considerable distance between your jet ski and other crafts, boats, and people so you don’t bump into them. Jet skiing is considerably fast and you might not be able to steer clear of these obstacles quickly if you’re too close to them. So be aware of your surroundings and keep some distance between yourself and the other vessels or swimmers.

  1. Check the Fuel
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Always ensure that you have enough fuel. Otherwise, you might end up stranded somewhere. Imagine if there was no one to help you there and you don’t have food or water. Scary, right? So please check if the craft has enough fuel and fill it if it doesn’t and carry extra fuel if you are planning to spend a lot of time on the water. 

  1. Mind Your Speed

Dashing over the water like Flash is quite electrifying. It feels like you’re flying over the water and it also feels quite liberating. But you should be mindful of your surroundings and monitor your speed likewise. If you ride at high speed in an area with swimmers and boats, there is a high chance of you hitting them and causing an accident. Better safe than sorry. So it is important to watch the speed of your craft to keep both others and yourself safe.

  1. Don’t Take too Many People

If there is a scarcity of jet skis or if you want to enjoy the ride with your friends, you might be tempted to take them on the same jet ski with you. Is it dangerous? Yes, it is. Overloading any vehicle is not safe. It might cause a terrible accident and you and your buddies might get injured. No matter how happy you think lady luck is with you don’t take any chances. 

Family on jet ski

Is it okay to ride a jet ski if I haven’t drunk that much?

No, riding a jet ski is dangerous and it is better not to ride it if you have drunk alcohol, no matter the amount. It is better not to take any chances.

Everything is still and peaceful at night, so why can’t we ride a jet ski at night?

It is difficult to see in the dark. Riding a jet ski at night might result in an accident. So it is better to ride it during the day.

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