15 Tips to Ride a Jet Ski

Nothing compares to the thrill of riding a jet ski. The wind, the waters rushing by, the adrenaline rushing through your body; everything makes you feel alive. 

As exciting as it seems to be it can also seem very dangerous and intimidating. If you’re a beginner who wants to satisfy your adventurous soul and climb on a jet ski to conquer the waters but is scared at the same time you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a list of tips that might help you fulfill your dream. But before we jump into it, let’s take a look at the things you need to carry with you on your ride.

Things to Take on Jet Ski Ride

Every journey requires some preparation on the part of the wanderer. So does a short journey on a jet ski. Let’s take a look at what you might need to carry along.

  • Carry necessary documents such as vessel registration
  • Carry some kind of a signaling device
  • Carry a fire extinguisher approved by the coast guards

Now that we know what should be taken along let’s move on to what you came here for.

Tips to Ride a Jet Ski

1. Safety Precautions

Before venturing into the open water, make sure you have taken the necessary safety precautions. It is important to wear a life jacket when riding a jet ski. If you happen to fall off the watercraft, a lifejacket will keep you afloat on the water and save you from drowning. You must also dress suitably for the ride. Wear a wetsuit and don’t forget the eye and feet protection.  There is constant spraying of water, and the UV rays can harm your pupils, so please wear jet ski goggles or sunglasses. 

2. Know your Jet Ski

It is important to understand any equipment before using it. And a jet ski is no different. The controls of every jet ski differ based on both its design as well as the brand. So you need to familiarize yourself with the jet ski before taking off on it. Without its knowledge, you might end up fumbling around and you might find difficulty in handling the jet ski. Who wants that, right?

3. Be Calm and Confident

The key to being successful in any endeavor or undertaking is to be calm and confident.  It is not unusual to freak out a little before trying something new, especially if it’s something daring and adventurous. Try to be calm as it will help you learn how to ride a jet ski more easily. Moreover, be confident in your skills.

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4. Sit Comfortably

It is not unusual for you to be nervous and tense before heading off on your first jet ski ride. But how can one enjoy the thrill of riding a jet ski if one sits in a rather uncomfortable manner, right? So make sure to sit comfortably to enjoy the ride. Relax, take a deep breath and sit comfortably. 

5. Throttle, Go!

After turning the ignition key, place your hands on the handles firmly. Now, slowly push the throttle to take off. Now have fun zipping across the water with no care in the world.

Jet Skiing

 6. Always look forward

Well, it is an unwritten rule to look forward while riding any kind of vehicle. The same rule applies here as well. Always set your eyes in front of you instead of staring into the horizon or at the shore. 

7. Be in your Comfort Zone

You can increase the speed when you’re at a considerable distance away from the shore. Speeding through the waters surely is exhilarating, but if you are a beginner it is better to be in your comfort zone. You must increase the speed gradually according to your comfort. Don’t rush. Take your time, and soon, you’ll be flying across the water. 

8. Maintain a Steady Pace

Make sure to maintain a steady pace. Don’t increase your speed suddenly. It’s said that the slow and steady wins the race.                              


 9. Increase the Speed to Turn

Most jet skis do not have a rudder. Hence, the speed will have to be accelerated in order for you to turn the jet ski. But the modern ones can be turned without increasing the speed. Taking off your hands off the handles while turning causes the craft to go forward. Therefore, place your hands on the throttle while turning.

10. Lean to Turn

It is possible to turn the jet ski by just turning the handles. But leaning into turn is much faster and safer too. Keep in mind that you should gradually learn to do that. Start with the basic technique of turning the handles to turn.

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11. Stand-up Riding Technique

One of the best ways to ride a craft is by using a stand-up riding technique. This technique as the name suggests involves standing up to control and steer the jet ski. Place your feet behind the handlebars and your shoulders, and slightly bend your knees. But this technique is a bit advanced, so it is better to stick to the basic techniques if you are a beginner.

11. Passengers

Most jet skis have room for more than one individual. If you’re planning to ride with another person, then their safety also falls on your shoulders. And with an extra person comes extra weight. Before taking off, ensure that they are seated comfortably and firmly. Inform them to lean along with you while turning.

12. Be Patient 

It is common for people to get frustrated when they fail to master a skill after a few attempts. Be patient while learning to ride a craft. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

13. Stopping 

If you’re riding one of the old jet skies, then take off your hands from the handles and allow the jet ski to decelerate and stop by itself. Ensure that there is ample space between the craft and the shore. Unlike the older jet skis, the modern ones are equipped with brakes.

14. Docking the Craft

It is important to know how to dock a jet ski. As mentioned earlier, ensure that there is enough space between the craft and the dock. Don’t turn off the engine too soon to be able to control the jet ski. Always reduce the speed for docking.

Oopsie doopsie!

Is it okay to release the throttle when scared?

No, releasing the throttle would cause the loss of steering. And you’ll lose control of the vessel. 

Is it important to know if the jet ski is old or new?

It is better to know if your craft is old or new as the older ones lack certain features, such as breaks that the new models have. Knowing your crafts features will help you control it. 

Is it necessary to wear a wetsuit?

Yes, you should wear a wetsuit as it insulates you to retain your body heat.

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