2O Must-Have Jet Ski Accessories

Do you love jet-skiing? Or are you someone who is interested in riding a jet ski and having the time of your life? Whatever it is there are certain accessories that everyone who enjoys riding a craft should have. If you don’t know what those accessories are or if you want to know if there is something that you can add to your collection, you have come to the right place.

Some accessories are necessary for your safety, while some are used to make your time on the craft a little more enjoyable. These accessories will ensure that you have the best time of your life on the water while keeping you safe. So let’s take a look at the accessories you might need to have a fun and safe experience on your jet ski.

Must-Have Jet Ski Accessories 

1. Life Jacket

You should never ever go into the water without a life jacket.  If you are down by any chance, the life jacket will keep you afloat and save you from drowning. You are also required to wear a life jacket by law. Ensure that the life jacket is coast guard approved. Also, make sure to take a life jacket that fits you. A life jacket that is big for you won’t help you float and can prove to be fatal. 

Jet Ski Accessories

2. Cooler

Planning to dash through the waters for quite a long time? Then you must take the Yeti cooler along. You can store your food and drinks in the cooler and if you’re out fishing on the craft then it can be used to stock your catch. 

3. Phone Dry Bag

If you’ve ridden a jet ski or if you have seen others do it, you might know that there is constant spraying and splashing of water. And if you love your mobile phone, you might want to keep it safe. Hence, buy a phone dry bag that will keep your phone dry and safe. A lot of options are available in the market. 

4. Jet Ski Anchor

This is one of the important accessories that is often ignored by beginners. If you plan on fishing or visiting little coves then you will have to stop your jet ski. Here is where the jet ski anchor comes into use. Moreover, it is better to anchor your jet ski than to dock it for a variety of reasons, one of which is that docking might cause damage to the hull.

5. Jet Ski Paddle

Imagine your jet ski ran out of fuel or battery charge and now you’re stranded somewhere. Who wants that? A paddle will come in handy in such situations and you can use it to reach the shore. It can also be used to call others’ attention to you. So yeah, a jet ski paddle is a very practical jet ski accessory to have. 

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6. First-Aid Kit

It is not uncommon for jet ski riders to get injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to have a first-aid box at hand. Anyways, it is always good to have a first aid kit with you cause you never know when it will come in handy. Sometimes you may use it to help others too. Let us be responsible not only on land but on the water too. 

First-Aid KIt

7. Bicycle Lock

Imagine you chanced upon a cove and wanted to spend some time there. So you left your jet ski and someone came and rode off with it. Scary! To avoid anything like that from happening it is better to buy a bicycle lock. Now, no one will be able to steal your beautiful jet ski. 

8. Weather Proof Cover

If you’re a jet ski owner, I’m sure you will do anything possible to protect it. The harsh sun and weather might take a toll on your jet ski’s appearance and damage the paint. To prevent that, cover your jet ski with a weatherproof cover. And you know how the birds are- scattering their droppings on every kind of vehicle they see is standing still. The cover will protect your vessel from the birds’ dropping too. 

9. Safety Flares

An important thing to remember is that you should never use it for fun as you midget fined. Also, check the expiry dates on a regular basis so you won’t end up with a useless flare when needed.

These are extremely important even though there is a small chance that you might need them. But hey, better safe than sorry. 

10. Whistle

If you’re stranded somewhere due to insufficient fuel or battery or are caught up in a storm, a whistle will prove to be very helpful. It can be used to catch the attention of others.

11. Clothing and Protective Gear

It is important to dress appropriately while riding a jet ski as they say, “You should dress for the occasion.”. Always wear a wet suit. It is better if you also wear riding gloves, floating sunglasses and water shoes. 

12. Polish and Cleaner

Jet skis are different from other land-based vehicles so special cleaners and polishes should be used to clean them and make them look like brand new ones. 

13. GPS device

You might be thinking that why buy a GPS device when you have a mobile phone. Well, sometimes your phone might not get a signal. So it is better to carry a jet ski GPS device.

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14. Rope

You should always carry a rope when going to ride a jet ski. It is better to carry two ropes. A rope is used to attach the vessel to the dock.

13. Jet Ski Ladder

Imagine you’re out jet skiing with your friend and he decides to go swimming but he isn’t able to jump back onto the vessel. A jet ski ladder will enable him to climb back. 

14. Safety Lanyard

It is an absolutely necessary accessory. If you ever fall down from the vessel, the safety lanyard will ensure that the key falls off too preventing the jet ski from driving off. 

15. Knife

Ah, I know that you don’t need to be told why a knife is required. But let me tell you anyways. It will come quite handy when you’re out there flying over the water. It can be used to untangle fishing nets when you go fishing on a jet ski. It can also be used to unclog your impeller.


18. Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are one of the most overlooked jet ski accessories. You never know what can go wrong out in the water, so it is better to be safe. There are a bunch of flammable things in the jet ski, so you need to be prepared in case it catches fire or explodes. 

19. Bilge Pump

This is another accessory that you might not always need but is extremely useful on certain occasions. It is used to remove water from the hull. In other words, it saves the jet ski from sinking.

20. Flashlight

If you ever end up getting stranded on water and it turns dark, you might need a flashlight. Hence, keep a flashlight handy. It is also helpful if you want to ride a jet ski at night.


Can I use the same cleaner and polish that I use for my car?

No, the car and the jet ski are different. Unlike the car, a jet ski is always on the water so it requires a different cleaner and polish that is made for it.

Is it necessary to wear a life jacket?

It is necessary to wear a life jacket because in case you fall into the water it will keep you afloat.

Is it necessary for the cover for the jet ski to be weather-proof?

Yes, it is always anchored outside so it needs to be protected from the sun and rain.

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