5 Reasons Why You Must Try Jet Skiing in San Diego

Jet Ski in San Diego

If you love the wind in your hair, water spraying on you, and the exhilarating thrill of flying over water in a jet ski then San Diego is the place for you. 

Known for its pristine beaches and its perfect climate, San Diego is a beautiful city that attracts fun-loving people with a penchant for water sports. Apart from beaches, the city is also home to the popular San Diego Zoo and several museums, art galleries, and gardens. One can never be bored in San Diego. While there are a number of sites to visit and activities to engage in, the city surely is a heaven for the ones who like jet skiing. There are so many reasons why you should try jet skiing in San Diego, but we have made a list of five major reasons why you must try jet skiing in San Diego if you ever visit this lovely city.

5 Reasons to Try Jet Skiing in San Diego

1. Stunning Beaches

San Diego is home to some of the most beautiful beaches where you can let loose your love for jet skiing. Mission Bay and Fiesta Bay are perfect for riding a jet ski. Thousands of jet skiing enthusiasts come here for that. Mission Bay is dubbed to be the most popular one for jet skiing. And you’ll find that most of the Jet Ski rentals in the city are based here. If you’re a novice, then this is the place for you. Mission Bay and Fiesta Bay are not the only ones where you can enjoy riding your craft.

San Diego Beach

 More advanced and experienced jet ski riders should definitely head to La Jolla. Known as the ‘Jewel of America’s Finest City’ and voted as one of the best beach destinations in the world this picturesque downtown is one of the best places to visit in San Diego.  It is a wonderful place to show off your jet skiing skills and techniques. 

Another wonderful place where you can ride your jet ski in San Diego is San Diego Bay. Your visit to San Diego might feel incomplete without enjoying a jet ski ride at the nearly landlocked San Diego Bay. It is also a popular boating spot. 

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These beaches can be very crowded, so be careful and mindful of your surroundings while riding a jet ski.

2.  Freshwater Jet Skiing

If you’re in the mood for jet skiing on freshwaters or if you’re tired of overcrowded beaches, don’t fret cause San Diego has you covered. It is home to El Capitan Reservoir, where you can ride your jet ski to your heart’s fill while taking in the breathtaking view in front of you. It is also less crowded than the beaches. Cruising on a jet ski in a water body set in a tranquil atmosphere is truly an amazing experience. 


Watch out for boats as the reservoir is also a popular spot for boating. Check if the reservoir is open for visitors before going as it is closed on some days. Riding a jet ski is allowed from Thursday to Saturday. You can ride a jet ski on a Sunday too during the winter season.

3. Jet Ski Rentals

Love riding a jet ski but don’t have one? Don’t worry! San Diego houses tons of jet ski rental companies. The only thing you have to worry about is which rental company to choose. Lots of rental companies mean lots of options. You can compare their prices, offers, and reviews and select the one that you like. This is another reason why you should head to the city of San Diego to enjoy racing through the water.  


Look into the rental company’s terms and conditions. Also, ensure that the jet ski is in a good condition. If you’re a beginner or if this is your first time riding a jet ski make sure that the rental company provides you with basic instructions.

4. Pleasant Weather

Known as the most pleasant place in the US, San Diego’s climate is perfect to engage in watersports. What better way to enjoy this ideal climate than to gallop through the water! Bask in the warmth of the sun, take your jet ski out to the water and let the water splash onto you. Though the weather is warm all year round, it is best to go for a jet ski ride in San Diego in the summer season. It begins in the month of July and lasts till the beginning of October. San Diego is filled with jet ski enthusiasts and other watersports lovers during the summer. The spring season is also good for riding a jet ski though the weather is not as warm as in summer. It lasts for a duration of two months.  The major advantage of riding a jet ski in spring is that it is less crowded and hence, the hotel prices, as well as jet ski rental charges, might be lower when compared to the summer season. 

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The water becomes really cold during the winter though the sun is warm making it impossible to ride a jet ski. Autumn is also not a great time to have fun on the water on a jet ski.

5. Jet Ski Enthusiasts

San Diego is a popular destination for jet ski enthusiasts. So visiting San Diego not only provides a wonderful jet skiing experience but also a chance to meet other jet ski lovers. You will be able to improve your techniques and skills when you befriend other jet ski riders or just by emulating them.  It is a great chance to broaden your network.

People riding jet skis


While it is exciting to meet other jet skiers, you should also be careful while interacting with strangers. San Diego is a safe place with a low crime rate but general carefulness should always be practiced for your and your belonging’s safety. Moreover, don’t try advanced jet ski riding techniques that others are doing if you’re a beginner. 

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