All You Need to Know About Teens Riding Jet Ski

Riding a jet ski in San Diego with your teens is one way of spending a memorable time with them. Every jet ski enthusiast would like to teach their teens to ride a jet ski. I mean, who wouldn’t want to share this joy and thrill with their children? Jet skiing helps a person exercise his muscles while having fun. It is the perfect way for teens to engage in some physical activity and spend some time away from their smartphones. 

While it is a great idea to teach your children how to ride a jet ski, you should also follow some rules and precautions. I know you are concerned about your child’s safety and want to know all that you need to know about teens riding a jet ski in San Diego or any other region as well. Here is a list of things that you should do.

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Things to Know About Teens Riding Jet Skis

1. Teach Basic Safety Rules

Teaching the basic safety rules is the most important part of teaching your child to ride a jet ski. There are safety principles that one should follow before and after one heads to the water. Make sure you impart these principles to your children.

Tell them to wear the appropriate gear. Ensure that you have taken the first aid kit and other emergency equipment like flares, whistles, etc. Make sure your children don’t ride the jet ski where the water is below 2 feet. Make them aware of the local rules and regulations regarding jet skiing.

2. Safety Course

Many states require anyone who wants to operate a jet ski to pass a safety course and get a license. Even if a state doesn’t mandate that a teen or an adult pass a jet ski safety course, it is better to go ahead and take a safety course.

3. Adult Supervision

There should always be an adult to supervise your children. It is not unusual for a teen to want to speed through the water and try out some tricks to have fun. But it can be dangerous and even fatal, so ensure that there is an adult present with your children while they ride a jet ski.

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4. Speed

Teens don’t like to move slow. They want everything to be thrilling and exciting, and hence, it is common for them to want to increase the speed of their jet ski and gallop over the waves. But it is not safe at all. To keep your children safe, never allow them to increase their speed above a certain point and ask them to maintain a steady pace, especially since they are just learning to ride. Even adult novices are asked to maintain a steady pace while they are learning.

5. Ensure the Jet Ski Has a Safety Lanyard

A safety lanyard is a cord that is attached to the key and your lifejacket. It ensures that the ignition is switched off in case you fall. So it is very important to have a safety lanyard. Therefore, ensure that the jet ski has a safety lanyard if it is rented or equip it with one if it’s your own.

6. Apply Sunscreen

Make sure to apply sunscreen on the exposed skin of the children and your skin to protect it from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.  Kids get sunburn easily, so it is very important to apply sunscreen, carry a hat, etc. Avoid heading out to the water during the hottest time of the day. Make sure you have enough water so your children and you can have fun without getting dehydrated while being surrounded by water.


7. Weather

Check if the weather is pleasant or if there is a slight chance that it might change before taking your teens out on the water. If the weather condition changes, then you might get stuck somewhere, so be extra careful so what was supposed to be fun does not turn out to be so.

8. Don’t Stray Too Far

It is easy to get caught up in having fun and taking your jet ski to great distances. But when you are with your teens, don’t take the jet ski far away from the beach. Sometimes the weather conditions may change, and if your jet ski is very far from the beach, then there is a chance of you and your teens getting stranded. This is not an ideal situation to be in with your kids. But if you are not that farther away from the shore, you can come back to the shore if there is a change in the weather conditions. Therefore, don’t stray too far away from the shore while riding a jet ski with your teens.

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9. Look Forward

Teens are easily distracted by their surroundings. The view from the water is always spectacular, and they might even see some sea animals, which is amazing. But one needs to stay focused while riding a vehicle. Make sure your teen looks forward while riding the jet ski instead of just looking around. Looking everywhere but ahead might end in nasty accidents which could have been easily avoided.

10. Be Mindful of the Surroundings

It is very easy for the children to just forget everything while having fun. But it is necessary for them to be mindful of their surroundings while riding a watercraft as there would be other vessels and swimmers in the vicinity. So remind them to be mindful of their surroundings while riding a jet ski.


Why is adult supervision necessary?

Teens are restless, and they might want to break some rules. They might want to increase the speed of their jet ski and fly over the water like the other adults who are jet-skiing nearby. They might even try to emulate the professional jet ski riders’ tricks. Or they might even get caught up in fun and forget to be mindful of their surroundings. So they require adult supervision.

What is the need for a safety course when we can provide our children with the necessary information?

A safety course is not necessary, but it is better to enroll your children in one as the trainers will know how to make sure that the teens have all the information that they know. Moreover, they are more well-versed in the laws regarding jet skis and the safety rules. 

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