How to Ride a Jet Ski?

Is speed your thing?  Do you like adrenaline-pumping adventures? How about racing through the water? Like it? Then there is a high chance that you’ll love riding a  jet ski.

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If you’re here then that means that you’re probably a beginner who is a bit concerned about their jet ski ride. Well, worry not, my friend. I have some tips for you that will help you kickstart your dream of riding a jet ski. Though these tips won’t make you an expert on the first try (that will require a lot of practice, they will help you get the basics right. Let us tarry no more and check out how to ride a jet ski. 

Steps to Ride a Jet Ski

1. Safety 

Though riding a jet ski sure is exciting and fun-filled, it is quite dangerous too. Therefore, you must always make sure that you have taken the necessary safety precautions so that you may avoid disasters, or in case of any untoward event, you remain safe. Always wear a coast guard approved life jacket as it will help you float if you fall. Ensure that your jet ski has a safety lanyard that will ensure that the ignition is turned off if you fall. Wear a wet suit and your eyes and feet protection. Also, ensure that you have the necessary documents with you.

Life jacket

2. Familiarize yourself with the jet ski

It is very important to know the jet ski that you are going to ride. Every brand and model’s control keys are different. As you should know the different parts of a car and its uses before driving it you should also know your jet ski. You can read the jet ski’s manual to know everything that there is to know about it. It also contains some instructions to ride a jet ski. So reading the manual is very helpful if you’re a beginner.

3. Sit in a Comfortable Manner

Now that you have read the manual and know the important things about your jet ski hop onto it and sit in a way that you feel comfortable. Don’t be tense and stiff. I know you might be nervous but try to take a deep breath and sit comfortably. If you sit in an uncomfortable position you might not be able to ride the jet ski well, or you might not be able to enjoy the ride as much as you would like to.

4. Push the Throttle

After sitting comfortably, put the key into the ignition and turn it on. Now hold the handles firmly. Don’t be scared. Now push the throttle slowly. This will prompt the watercraft to take off. Here begins your jet ski ride. Exciting, isn’t it? 

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5. Look Forward

One of the major rules that you should keep in mind while riding a jet ski is to always look forward. This shouldn’t surprise you as the same thing applies when riding any other vehicle. It is easy to get caught up in the scenic beauty of the waterbody or of the landscape that surrounds it. But staring at anything else than ahead for more than a few seconds is a recipe for disaster. Always look forward and check if any other marine vessel is near you or approaching you. 

6. Maintain a Stable Pace

When you learn to ride a jet ski the thing that drives you is the hope of racing on the water one day. And it is not unusual to feel the urge to try the same when you get hold of a jet ski. But hear me out. It is not a good idea to increase your speed if you’re not skilled enough to be able to do so. It is always best to maintain a steady pace and work towards increasing your pace slowly but steadily. Increasing the speed suddenly when you’re not ready might result in a nasty accident that can harm not only you but also others in your vicinity. Therefore, be responsible and try to maintain a stable pace.

7. Turning the Jet Ski

Most jet skis, mainly the older designs, don’t have a rudder because of which you are required to increase the speed if you want to turn your jet ski in a different direction. It is not possible to turn a jet ski if you don’t increase the speed. Don’t be scared; you will be able to do that. And if you’re really scared of doing that, don’t worry; the modern jet skis don’t require an increase in speed to turn. An important point to note is that you should not take off your hands from the handle of the jet ski while trying to turn the jet ski, as this may cause the jet ski to move ahead instead of turning. Another thing to note is that leaning in while turning the craft is a common practice as is much safer as well as faster. But you might not be able to do this if you are a beginner. This skill is learned gradually so just have patience.

Jet Skiing

8. Patience

Learning anything new can be frustrating especially if you feel like you’re not getting great at it on the first, second, or third try. To master anything requires patience. So don’t be frustrated if you’re not able to lean in while turning or can’t increase the speed or stand while riding a jet ski. Being calm and patient will only help you learn faster and more effectively.

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9. Stopping the Jet Ski

Now that you have started riding a jet ski you will have to stop it at some time, right. Taking off on a jet ski with no knowledge of stopping it will prove to be quite a problem. So let us see how a jet ski can be stopped. If your jet ski is an older version that has no brakes, then take your hands off the throttle and allow the jet ski to slow down and come to a rest.  While doing so please ensure that there is a considerable amount of space between the jet ski and the shore. If you’re riding one of the modern jet skis then you can just apply the brakes.

Man on a Jet Ski

10. Docking the Jet Ski

Well, this is also an important thing to know. As was mentioned before, make sure that there is a considerable amount of space between the jet ski and the shore. No matter which design of jet ski you are riding, be it old or modern, don’t try to beach it. The movies might show clips of actors beaching stylish jet skis but those jet skis have a protective layer over the hull. But yours doesn’t and beaching the jet ski can cause serious damage to the jet ski’s hull. So it is advisable to dock your jet ski in shallow water.


How long will it take to be able to lean in to turn the jet ski?

It depends on the individual. However, don’t be in a hurry. Be patient if you feel like it’s taking too long.

Why shouldn’t the jet ski be beached? It seems more convenient.

You might feel like it’s more convenient for you but the coarse sand of each might cause many problems. It can scratch the hull or clog the impeller. So it is best if you dock the jet ski in shallow water near the shore.

What if the jet ski doesn’t have a safety lanyard?

It is important to have a safety lanyard because it turns off the ignition if you fall off the jet ski so that the jet ski doesn’t ride off on its own and crash somewhere. If the jet ski is yours then equip it with one and if it’s a rented one then choose another jet ski with a safety lanyard.

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