What is the Best Season to Ride Jet Ski in San Diego?

Riding the jet ski is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating things to do: the wind, the thrill, the adrenaline pumping through your body, the water splashing around. It is such a wonderful experience, isn’t it? And San Diego, the Birthplace of California, is a popular destination for having fun flying over the water on a watercraft. 

Jet Ski in San Diego

Known for alluring beaches, pleasant weather, breweries, and several attractions, San Diego is a city that attracts a lot of tourists every year. The city’s pleasant climate is perfect for outdoor activities. You will always find people outside enjoying the salubrious weather. While the breweries and the numerous attractions are some of the factors that draw in the tourists, thousands of people arrive here mainly to dash through the water on a jet ski while basking in the city’s bewitching beauty.

While there is no doubt that the city’s climate is invigorating and lovely all year long, let us check out which season is the best for jet ski lovers to hit the water in San Diego. 

Best Season to Ride a Jet Ski in San Diego

As mentioned earlier, the city’s weather is lovely all year round but there is a season that most jet ski lovers agree upon as being the best season to ride a jet ski in San Diego. While I will mention the best season to ride a jet ski in San Diego, I will also mention other favorable seasons you could have fun riding a jet ski and the seasons in which you can’t ride a jet ski, let alone go near the water so you won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong season to enjoy jet skiing in the city. 


1. Summer 

If you’re planning to visit San Diego to have the best time of your life riding a jet ski then summer is the time for you to visit. Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to all the jet ski lovers out there. What compares to the thrill of riding a craft while the warm sun smiles on you and cool water splashes around you? 

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A beach in San Diego

Everyone unanimously agrees that summer is perfect not only for jet skiing but also for other watersports. It’s the perfect way to beat the summer heat. And the water is not too cold either. San Diego is warm all year round but the summer days are warmer when compared to the rest of the days. Summer in San Diego begins in the month of July and ends towards the beginning of October. The days are not too hot and the water’s temperature is perfect for riding a jet ski. The city is also filled with other jet ski enthusiasts with whom you can bond and learn new techniques as well. 

Imagine speeding over the cool water while basking in the warmth of the sun as the cool breeze from the ocean caresses your hair calming you while the water splashing around and the speed of the jet ski keeps your adrenaline pumping at the same time. So wonderful right?  Then what are you waiting for? Get ready to be awed by the jet skiing experience provided by the wonderful city of San Diego. 

2. Spring

While the summer season is the perfect season to take the jet ski out on the water, Spring is also a great time to have some fun in the water on a jet ski. It lasts for two months, that is, from March to May. Very short, huh?

The weather is moderate and the city is less crowded with tourists. The beaches and the El Capitan reservoir will also be less crowded as a result. This would allow you to enjoy your jet ski ride without worrying about bumping into swimmers and other watersports enthusiasts. You will also be able to enjoy the city’s beauty more when it is less crowded. While spring is not as perfect as the summer for a ride on a jet ski, it is no less enjoyable. The water is not too cold like it is in winter and the sun is warm enough though not as warm as it is in summer. But it is a pleasant season that offers a lot of other enjoyable like the Coronado Flower Show, the San Diego Earth Festival, etc. So spring is a great time to visit San Diego for riding a jet ski if you hate crowds and if you don’t want to freeze in the water. 

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Though the weather during the spring season is perfectly great for outdoor activities such as jet skiing, you won’t get to see the sun every day during the month of May.  This is popularly known as the “May Gray”. 

While summer is the best time to ride a jet ski in San Diego and the spring season is also great for riding it, the winter and the autumn seasons are the worst seasons to ride a jet ski here. The jet skiing enthusiasts and the tourists start decreasing towards the end of October as the autumn season begins to dawn on the city. The water starts to become cold and the warmth of the sun decreases but the climate is still relatively warm. 


Don’t even think about going for a ride on a jet ski in San Diego in the winter season unless you want to freeze to death. While the sun is still relatively warm the ocean water is very cold during this season and no one prefers going to the beach during this time of the year. The warm sun can’t help much in fighting hypothermia. The city also experiences regular rain showers during this period which is not at all ideal for riding a jet ski. While the hotel rates are comparatively low during this period, it is not worth going to San Diego if the purpose of your visit is to enjoy riding a jet ski as fast as you can on the water. 

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