Water Sports in San Diego

Best Water sports

San Diego is a city that bursts with energy and life. There are just so many things to do in the city both on land and in as well as on water that you will never find a moment to sit still while here.

Boasting 70 miles of shoreline kissed by the sun and the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean and home to tranquil lakes, San Diego is like a paradise for watersports lovers or people who simply love splashing around in the water. San Diego provides opportunities to engage in some of the best water sports that you can think of. If you’re here then you might be planning to have fun in the tepid waters of San Diego. So let’s not tarry anymore and see which watersports can you engage in to make a splash in the city.

Watersports You Can Engage in San Diego


Have you ever dreamt of flying over the water as Aladdin does on his carpet while singing A Whole New World with Jasmine? Yes? Then try hoverboarding, also known as jetpacking. In this water sport, you get a chance to literally fly over the sea. You are strapped to jet packs and then after the safety procedures are done the crew of the company that provides jetpacking services will take you into the water and slowly push the throttle. A few minutes later you’ll find yourself flying.  I’m sure you’ll love it. It might seem a little scary at first but you will have so much fun that you will want to keep doing it again and again.

Jet Skiing

If speed is your drug then jet skiing is the water sport for you. San Diego’s numerous beaches and the El Capitan Reservoir are popular spots for riding a jet ski. Jet skiing is one of the best watersports that one can enjoy in San Diego. There is no dearth of jet ski rental companies in the city. Most jet ski rental companies provide charge rentals by the hour. Fiesta bay and Mission bay are the most popular spots for jet ski riding. You can also head to the El Capitan Reservoir if you want to ride a jet ski on freshwater. Riding a jet ski is an exhilarating experience but be mindful of your surroundings and look out for people engaging in other water sports around you so you might not bump into them.

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It is a watersport in which a person makes use of a board to ride a wave. Surfing is not only thrilling, fun and one of the popular and best watersports, but it also looks really cool, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to ride the waves like a knight rides a horse! It feels like you’ve conquered the water. If you love riding up and down the waves you must try surfing in the ocean waters that caress the shoreline of the city of San Diego. Some of the best beaches for surfing in this city include Windansea, Blacks, and Ocean Bay.

Two people going to surf

Body Boarding

Do you want to surf through the rising tides but can’t stand straight on a surfboard? Then bodyboarding is the thing for you.  Also known as boogie boarding, it can be considered a sibling of surfing. It is an equally thrilling watersport that has a strong following of individuals who love this water sport. It is also easier and much safer than surfing.  Head to Moonlight Beach, South Pacific beach, and the Carlsbad beaches if you want to engage in this watersport. They are perfect for bodyboarding.


If you’re someone who loves snorkelling then head to La Jolla Cove. The tranquil waters here provide an amazing snorkelling experience. Just wear your snorkelling gear and swim down so you can observe the beauty that lies below the ocean. Watch in admiration as schools of fish, stingrays, etc swim around below you. The sea world is mesmerizing and fascinating and you will get to observe and enjoy that if you try snorkelling. This watersport is amazing and you should try it if you haven’t yet.


Sail Away!

San Diego is home to several lovely boats that you can rent to sail. You have to prove that you are an experienced sailor if you want to man the boat. If you are not an experienced sailor then don’t worry you can hire a skipper and relax and bask in the beauty of San Diego. In a way, hiring someone to man the ship is much better than doing it yourself as it will allow you to calmly enjoy the beauty of San Diego. Sailing around San Diego is quite a wonderful experience that you should not miss. Just imagine enjoying the beautiful sunset as you sail around the city and take in its picturesque beauty enhanced by the golden glow of the setting sun. 

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Swimming is another activity that you can do in the waters surrounding San Diego. It surely is not easy to swim in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful you are accustomed to it and are an advanced level swimmer then go for it but don’t go too far away from the shore. The water in La Jolla Cove is relatively calm so you can head there if you want to swim in calm water. 


Kayaking is another water sport that can you enjoy in San Diego. A popular kayaking mission is kayaking through the sea caves of La Jolla. It is a beautiful as well as adventurous experience. You can also kayak around Mission Bay. Carlsbad Lagoon is also a good place to go kayaking. You might encounter seals while kayaking in Mission Bay or the La Jolla sea caves but not in Carlsbad Lagoon.

Kayaking into the sunset

Lobster Diving

It is a water sport that is unique to San Diego. You will require snorkelling gear, thick gloves, a cooler among other supplies, and swim into the ocean to catch lobsters. This is a fun and unique sport. But you will be able to engage in it only if you have a license. Make sure you know all the rules and regulations about this activity before diving into the water so you don’t break any rules and get into trouble.


Is lobster diving scary?

Are you scared of holding a live lobster? If yes, then it is scary. But you will require a license to go lobster diving.

Is swimming in San Diego dangerous?

It can be tricky to swim in the water of the Pacific Ocean but you can head to La Jolla Cove as its water is calm.

Is hoverboarding safe?

Your safety is the responsibility of the hoverboarding service provider so they follow a set of safety procedures.

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